Corey Bulpitt


Corey Bulpitt is a Haida artist born October 24th 1978 in Prince Rupert B. C.

He is part of the Yahgulaanaas Raven clan, one of two distinct matrilineal moieties of Haida, the other being the Eagle clan. Corey is an ancestor of and related to many great Haida artists and carvers including his great great grandfathers Louis Collison and Charles Edenshaw. His mother Maxine Edgars from Massett is an exceptional weaver and his father Monte Stewart Burton is a fisherman and carver of gold and silver. Sculpting and drawing from a young age while growing up in the Lower Mainland Corey graduated from Langley Fine Arts school in 1996. Returning to Haida Gwaii his ancestral home in 1999 Corey apprenticed with his uncle, the master carver and artist Christian White.

There he began to create masks, paddles and dance screen for the Massett and Skidigate dance group. Corey has also worked with notable Haida carver Jim Hart and artist Sharon Hitchcock.

Corey is a veracious reader of the myths and legends, delights in learning songs and dances, and studies the works of the great carvers through museums and libraries. He honors his heritage by favoring the traditional Haida forms. He has many limited editions silk screened prints as well as original paintings. He also works in gold, silver and bone. His artistic expression is also found in bentwood boxes and carving masks, bowls, paddles and rattles. He Creates useable masks and regalia in contemporary yet traditional style. He particularly enjoys carving argillite sculptures of fully three dimensional figures. His latest work is a twenty foot pole commissioned by Scouts Canada and erected in Camp McClean, Langley.