James “Delvis” Dion Morrison

Known to most of his friends as Delvis, he also held an Indian Name “Nahweknon”. He was born on January 7th 1965, in Sask. Canada. He belonged to the Cree First Nations, and was a member of the Opeano Reserve. I met Delvis well working at the Coqualeetza Education Training Centre, he was in his late teens then. He was into drawing his favorite rock bands, and people portraits. He eventually started drawing wildlife, in the dot matrix art style, with a lot of hidden animals, which you had to focus hard to see them. He thought that was really neat. He told me that we was studying the westcoast line at drawing with Francis Horne, son-in-law of Frank and Mary Malloway. This is his style of westcoast art that I use today. He loved to watch other artists at work, and was inspired by many people. Delvis was adapted out of his nation when he was a baby, to a couple in Abbotsford, B. C.. During his early teens (and very had to handle), he was then adopted by Frank and Mary Malloway, of Yakweakwioose First Nations, of Ts’elxweyeqw (Chilliwack), B. C. He lived in Sto:lo territory most of his life. He loved to laugh and make other people laugh; he was a kind and giving person. I think he gave away and donated more of his artwork, than he actually made a profit from it. I often told him that if he had such a great talent, he should settle down and get serious. He’d laugh, and say that money wasn’t important to him, that travelling around with his portfolio under his arm selling his art, was good enough for him. He loved to visit everyone that he could in one day, and would often leave a sketch or two behind.

Delvis passed away on May 22, 2004. He left us with this quote “Sometimes in my life I turn around and look back, that where I’ve been and the people I have met and who I have affected through my decisions and mistakes. Then I turn around and walk more carefully and respectfully of others in my life.” All my relations James “Delvis” Dion Morrison.