Terms and Conditions

Pricing Information
Minimum order amount is $250 per shipment. For orders with total amount of less than $250 per shipment, a “Sales Administration Charge” of $40 will be imposed. Case pricing is based on the combined quantity for all designs on each item. Name-drop fee is $0.80 per piece for orders with total amount less than $500. Any custom order will require 50% payment deposit as order being confirmed. All first time orders will require payment in advance. A 1.5% per month “Late Charge” will be applied to all invoices unpaid over 30 days. The administration charge for a NSF cheque will be $20. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Freight Information
Unless customer has requested a specific carrier at the time of placing an order, all orders will be shipped by a carrier on freight collect basis at the discretion of Golden Top. All goods are shipped at buyer’s risk and do not guarantee to be arrived at a specified time. Please note that the common carriers are bonded and they are responsible for any damage due to their faulty handling. Please hold the carrier responsible for merchandises that are received with serious visual damages. Damage or loss claims must be made against carrier.

Cancelled or Refused Orders
Cancelled or refused orders are subject to a 20% restock fee plus applicable freight charges.

Any damage or shortage must be reported within 7days from receipt of goods. Unless discrepancy or defect, all shipments are non-returnable. Incorrectly received merchandise or irregulars must be returned in original condition within 10 days of receipt of goods, and are fully refundable. Discontinued items are not returnable, whether they were purchased when a regularly stocked item, or if purchased when already discontinued.

All disputes will be subjected to the jurisdiction of British Columbia , Canada .